Giorgio Celin

everything is a self portrait.

(b. Barranquilla, Colombia)

Currently lives and works in Barcelona (SPAIN).

He creates vibrant works that explore human relationships : the longing for intimacy and the tenderness and melancholy of living in a lonely world where individualism is rampant.

He aims to celebrate the beauty, the queerness and the complexity of the latinx-diaspora.

Solo Shows.


_68 Projects/Korneld

“The Artschool dropout”


“Pájaros del Atlántico vol.II”,


“Las Olas”


It’s Nice That “Telling under-represented stories with intimacy and honesty, Giorgio Ermes Celin’s art “exists thanks to a never-ending migratory journey”. _read more
Metal Magazine “How can I capture a moment without replicating reality?” asks painter Giorgio Celin. _read more

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